Lies For Exiles

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This is not a short story, it is instead to tell you about a new novel-length story set in the Traverse’s universe.

The Traverse has expanded with the launch of the first novel set in its universe. It follows a young woman from a species new to The Traverse universe, and her harrowing run in with assassins, bandits and her species’ own unsettling past.

Here’s a quick taste of what it’s about:

Image of glowing green eyes.

When Leah left the worldships into self-imposed exile she expected a quiet life working a dead-end job. Instead as every fibre of her being was screaming at her to run, she was picking up the rifle. But even as the mechanical being turned, green eyes boring into her, she stood her ground. Until she found the weapon being torn from her grasp. But as she fled her fingerprints remained on the weapon beginning a cascade of events that will unravel what she thought she knew about her world, her people, and her father.

Image of a ruined city with a small figure in the foreground. Image of a the book cover on tablet, phone and paperback. Lies for Exiles is available at Amazon on Kindle or as a paperback here. https://placeholder/ Lies for Exiles is available on Amazon on Kindle or as a paperback here.