A Book is Coming!

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This is a different post to anything I’ve written previously, it’s the first time I’ve written a post in the lead up to a book release.

Within the next few weeks the world of the Traverse is going to get bigger. How much bigger? Well, by the size of about one novel.

For those of you who aren’t aware of what the Traverse is, it’s a universe of wacky sci-fi antics in which the short-stories over on the Traverse site take place, and now, also a full-length novel. Now, I’ve been working non-stop on getting this novel finished up and out into the world and it has been a fun (and somewhat challenging) ride and I really hope everybody enjoys it when it finally launches in a few nail-bitingly short weeks. In the meantime, here’s a quick taste of what it’s about:

When Leah left the worldships into self-imposed exile she expected a quiet life working a dead-end job. Instead as every fibre of her being was screaming at her to run, she was picking up the rifle. But even as the mechanical being turned, green eyes boring into her, She stood her ground. Until she found the weapon being torn from her grasp. But as she fled her fingerprints remained on the weapon beginning a cascade of events that will unravel what she thought she knew about her world, her people, and her father.

To say that this story has been fun two write would be an understatement (thought it has also been excruciatingly painful at times, but we’ll gloss over that here), but it has also been something I’ve worked on for a while. Not just this story but the universe as a whole, either in the short stories or more generally. It spawned out of too many books read, one too many hours of sci-fi RPGs played and a few select quests in said RPGs that really hit home with me. The universe has twisted, changed and evolved as have the characters and story, as all stories must when being written—but the core, the nucleus of the idea that I had has held true. I’m excited to finally put it out into the world, so stay tuned for the release, and I hope you enjoy it!

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