A Writing Tracker

· 2 min read

I build something today, well, in fairness, not today exactly, more like I built half of it a year or more ago and decided that I was sick of it sitting on my project board looking at me (as much as a post-it note can look at anyone). So I swallowed my pride, chopped off half the project and built something that at least works. A minimum-viable-product I guess.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, I had an issue a while ago where I was trying to track writing each day - a problem I’m sure more than just I have had, and one that has already been solved on more than one occasion I’m sure - especially now that the Nanowrimo site has some or most of that functionality built in, along with at least one or two other software solutions. But I built this one because I wanted it to be simple (though making it was not simple by any stretch, even after I’d watered it down to its current state). I set out to build something that would provide a place to both store and track word counts for projects but also across projects. My intent was to be able to look at the last 30 day’s worth of writing across everything (or everything entered at any rate) blog, book project, short stories, etc. All in one place. And to provide a average across the past 30 days between all of those projects and to give a target line and cumulative total line for each project so you can see how you’re doing for writing goals, for Nanowrimo for example.

Wrytio's Add Project popup.

My implementation isn’t perfect (what is) but it works and, to help my own idiosyncrasies, it’s all client side, nothing is uploaded to the cloud, instead everything is stored in your browser’s memory - if you close and don’t save, it’s gone. And to save you can download a .json file with whatever is currently in the system. I’ll expand on it in the future whether by adding an online component or by using local storage in the browser so it maintains itself across sessions. But, for now, you can import a .json file and download a .json file. I’m going to use it for a little while to see how it goes, I’m sure I’ll find things to fix, but for now, here it is, I call it Wrytio (as in righty-oh then!).

Use it if you’re inclined, I hope anyone who does finds it useful.